Non Standard Business Insurance

Business Niche Coverage:

At LMG Insurance Brokers Ltd we understand that some businesses have specialized insurance needs. So if you find your business in a category outside of standard insurance offerings or are looking to insure uncommon property risks, we have an insurance solution designed just for you and your business – Niche.

Talk to one of our specialized insurance brokers today about whether our Niche products are right for you. Do you have a commercial building that meets any of the following descriptions?

  • is of combustible construction or is over 50 years old;
  • consists of hard-to-place occupancies such as woodworkers;
  • is a rooming house, rented dwelling (including student rentals) or vacant risk;
  • is located in an unprotected area;
  • carries high-hazard neighbourhood risks;
  • is a tavern, bar, banquet hall, or restaurant with entertainment.

If you’re in the hospitality business – whether or not your establishment is licensed–you still need full coverage, including liability protection. Our niche products are designed for:

  • Quality, upscale restaurants with less than 40% liquor sales
  • Family restaurants with less than 30% liquor sales
  • Both licensed and unlicensed establishments

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